Are you interested in working for an elected servant leader of either party? Would you like to be considered for a role on a Congressional or State House staff after the November 2018 elections? Please fill out the form below and send a resume to and we will be in touch after Election Day with next steps. Below are some sample roles and the skills and values we believe are important in each of them. It’s important to keep in mind that offices are often structured differently.

Chief of Staff: You are a strong manager, centered in your values, and are able to hold your member and your team accountable. Everyone on the team will look to you for leadership.

District Director: You ensure that your member is serving the district as best as s/he can. You represent your member in the district when s/he is in the capital. This role is crucial to upholding the member's brand, building a team culture in the district, and ensuring constituents receive the service and representation they deserve.

District Representative/Casework team: You work with constituents every day to solve problems at the ground level. Your member will lean on you to be his/her eyes and ears in the district. This work is where you and your member can most frequently have a direct, positive impact on constituents’ daily lives. This role requires attention to detail and staffers who enjoy for helping and working directly with people.

Scheduler: The most valuable asset an office has is the member’s time. This role is key to ensuring that the member is maximizing his/her leadership. Being a scheduler requires serious organizational and communication skills.

Legislative Team: This is where rubber meets the road and ideas are turned into legislation. Whether you are interested in being a legislative director, aide, correspondent, or staff assistant, you are responsible for helping your member create and support sound policy, turning your community’s priorities and values into legislative action.

Communications Team: At the center of a member's office is his/her communications team. You help shape your member’s brand as well as how your constituents view and understand your member’s work. This is everything from working with the press to writing speeches, and coaching and training the rest of team on the member's brand and policy. Many offices only have one communications staffer.

Operations/Admin Team: You are the foundation that supports the entire office. This work requires leaders who are willing to pitch in and help with whatever is needed as well as to set up systems and structures in which the team will operate.

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