Aaron Scheinberg, Congressional candidate for wv-02

ATC Alumni: Fall 2016, Washington D.C. Cohort

Service: U.S. Army

As the grandson of a WW II veteran and son of public educators, Aaron Scheinberg grew up in a family that understood the value of service. After graduating from West Point in 2004, Aaron deployed to Iraq as a Platoon Leader with the 4th Infantry Division. He led 20 troops into some of the most dangerous regions of the country, and brought them all home alive. Over the course of his time in Iraq, Aaron learned about importance of teamwork, the power of commitment to a mission, and value of serving others with courage and compassion.

Upon returning home, he found a way to continue to serve through his work as an executive at The Mission Continues, a non-profit that engages veterans in service projects that allow them to renew their sense of purpose and continue to give back to the nation. Although the work was meaningful, Aaron wondered if there was more he could be doing to step up and serve powerfully at a critical moment for the nation. The question of whether he should enter the political arena was alive in his soul.

In Answering the Call, Aaron had a chance to reflect deeply on this question along with a small group of fellow servant leaders. Did he truly feel called to serve through politics? Was the time right?  Was his family ready? How would he feel if he didn’t run for office?  In ATC, he had time to think deeply about these and many other matters along with a small group of fellow servant leaders grappling with similar questions.  

The experience helped him achieve powerful inner clarity: He did feel called, and the time to step up was now. Today, Aaron is running for Congress in West Virginia, seeking to represent the community where generations of his family have worked and lived.  

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