NPLA Alumni executive committee

NPLA Alumni Council

Founded in 2018 the Alumni Council helps New Politics strategize and put into action new ways to stay connected to our community and build our movement.

Our Mission: Inspire and steer service-oriented leaders beyond ATC through community building and networking with like-minded change makers.

Our Purpose: We have a shared understanding that a network of people, with a commitment to reflection and genuine desire to serve, working together toward the common good is the only way we will improve the American political system and transform our democracy for the better.

Thank you to the members of our Alumni Committee:

Aaron Kleiman, Aaron Stark, Adam Huff, Adriana Massara, Alex Grant, Alex King, Alex Olsen, Amy McIsaac, Andrea Serrano, Andrew McCoy, Andrew Plumley, Andrew Rubinson, Andrew Sindorf, Ben Marcus, Ben Luxenberg, Benjamin Rangel, Blake Hansen, Brendan McKinnon, Brent Webb, Brian Kilkelly, Carolyn Swabek, Chris Ferris, Chris Green, Colin Steele, Dan Lipkowitz, Daniel Johnson, Daniel Martin, Daniel Moy, Daniel Nelson, Ed Offutt, Elizabeth Hennes, Erica Gordon, Evan Seyfried, Haben Petros, Jeremie Gluckman, Jermain Jones, Kayleigh Remavich, Kiyomi Kowalski, Lisa Smith, Maria Salciccioli, Marty Schubert, Matthew Gelman, Monique N. Rodriguez, Nathan Jester, Patrick Davis, Patrick George, Peter Goodman, Peter Kiernan, Roger Misso, Romel Antoine, Sara Andrade, Sara Minard, Shaina Semiatin, Shakeria Herring, Sierra Boney, Slater Matzke, Stephen Copek, Steve Bradford, Tanner Harris, Tyler Gately, Vicky Pridgen, Will Woldenberg, Zach Beall

npla ambassadors

Our Ambassadors are made up of NPLA alumni and supporters across the nation. They help to build our movement and educate other's on the importance of servant leadership.

Thank you to our NPLA Ambassadors:

Blake Lindgren, Charlie Merritt, Erin Cooper, Jessica Lieberman, Katie Spradley, Matt Bailey, Veronica Morales

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