do you feel called to serve again?

Answering the Call (ATC) is a five session leadership development program that meets either in-person or virtually. ATC invites military veterans and national service alumni, to reflect on the values that compelled them to serve in the first place, and explore if they now feel called to serve their community through politics. The first, mandatory session is three hours long and the following four sessions each run for 1.5 hours.

This program is not a motivational seminar designed to convince you to run for office, and it is not a technical skills training designed to teach you how to plan or manage a campaign. Answering the Call is an opportunity for service leaders to undertake a deeply personal journey and reflect on who they are as leaders and if they feel called to political service, now or in the future.

You are authorized. Answer the Call. Begin your journey and apply.


service alumni in a reflection process that produces a new level of clarity about their interest in serving through politics


participants to achieve that higher level of inner clarity


a pipeline of servant leaders who have engaged seriously and substantively with whether they feel called to continue serving

My experience with New Politics Academy drove home the reason I felt called to serving my country in the first place. Rarely have I been surrounded by such amazing and dedicated public servants. Quite simply, it changed the way I see politics. I feel ready and confident to explore new opportunities to seek public office.
— Mark, U.S. Air Force