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applications now open for our fall session:
november 15-17 in washington d.c.

New Politics Campaign Academy builds a pipeline of A-level campaign staff with the knowledge, skills, and networks required to thrive on the campaign trail.

We believe that you cannot learn to be a staffer in a vacuum or by reading a book. We believe that the best staffers have communities of peers and mentors they can learn from, lean on, and share best practices with. Join us for a weekend in Washington D.C. for campaign staff training the New Politics way: a comprehensive approach to leadership development combined with our very own campaign-informed training pedagogy. Our work is grounded in a sophisticated understanding of leadership development that seamlessly integrates action learning, education, personal growth, and organization culture. We have worked with hundreds of campaign staffers and seen firsthand how staffers learn best and are best set up for success. Our campaign-informed training pedagogy develops campaign staff through experiences thoughtfully aligned with the realities of campaign work.

While most of the training will be spent as a group or in mock campaign teams, a portion of the programming will also be focused on specific vertical training. You can be trained in one of four main verticals:

  • Communications (how do I help the candidate tell his/her story?)

  • Field (how do I secure the votes I need to win?)

  • Finance (how do I raise the money to fund the whole operation?)

  • Management (how does it all tie together and what is our path to victory?).

Whether you are a seasoned campaign staffer who wants to join a community of dedicated servant leaders, or you are completely new to politics, we encourage you to apply. Some of the best staffers we’ve seen have never had campaign experience—but they do posses courage, integrity, and empathy. If you are committed to public service, we would love to see your application.

We will provide food and beverages during the training, but you will be responsible for getting yourself to and from DC, and for lodging throughout the programming dates.

WHEN Friday, November 15th 3pm through Sunday, November 17th 3pm
WHERE Washington D.C
QUESTIONS? Jaelen@NewPolitics.Org


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By checking I agree below you acknowledge that you are able to join us in Washington DC from 3PM on Friday November 15th through 3PM on Sunday November 17th. By checking I agree below you acknowledge that you will be able to provide your own transportation to and from DC as well as your own housing for the duration of the training.