Friday, September 20th

4:00-5:30pm: Welcome & Fire Side Chat

Meet some of the keys folks, at the forefront of the servant leader movement!

6:00-8:00pm: Reception

Meet your ‘crazy teams’ and network with others in attendance.

Saturday, September 21st

Breakfast  (8:00-9:00am)

Mission (9:00-9:45am)

Panel: The State of the Movement (10:00-11:30am)

Morning Workshops (11:45a-1:00pm)

Accelerator sessions which will offer information, leadership, and knowledge for those seeking to make the shift from service to politics.

Lunch: (1:00-1:45pm)

Afternoon Workshops (2:00-3:15pm)

Open Space Group Meet-ups (3:30-4:00pm)

World Cafe (4:30-6:00pm)

Dinner (6:15-8:00pm)

  1. Open Space Group Meet-Ups (3:30-4:00pm)
          -People can propose groups (Army vets, RPCVs, folks based in DC,
            etc) and they’ll have time for a brief meeting to connect)

  2. World Cafe (4:30-6:00pm)

    1. Down ballot folks sitting at the table

      1. 3 minute intro (can change timing depending on how many)

      2. What does servant leadership mean to you?

      3. Was is one thing you will take away from this conference?

      4. How can WE help grow this movement?

      5. Anyone feel moved to stand up and make a commitment?

  3. Dinner (6:15-8:00pm )

    1. Networking & Sendoff