Facilitator FAQs

How do I apply to become an Answering the Call Facilitator?

Apply to be a Facilitator! We accept applications on a rolling basis.  

What's involved in becoming and Answering the Call Facilitator?

To become an Answering the Call Facilitator, you will need to attend a 1.5 day Facilitator training in Boston. The next training will occur the weekend of October 5th and 6th, 2019. We will provide travel stipends to cover the travel and lodging costs. Facilitators will also be expected to complete some pre-work involving some reading and reflection exercises, which should take approximately three hours.

Once you complete the facilitator training, you will serve as the Facilitator for the five-session Answering the Call program.

If you are running a local in-person group, we expect you to take the lead on locating a venue that could host these five sessions, and arranging the dates and times of those sessions. If you are running to facilitate a virtual group, there is no need to find a venue. All virtual sessions occur using the Zoom video conference system, and we provide support and training in the use of that technology.

Who should apply to be a facilitator?

Our top priority is finding individuals who are experienced, skilled, and effective facilitators of small group experiences, who are eager to use those gifts to strengthen our democracy. We do not require facilitators have service backgrounds, although that experience is helpful and is a factor we consider in the application process.  Also, there is no requirement that facilitators have any political aspirations themselves. If you have a gift for small group facilitation and want to see more servant leaders step into positions of political power, we'd love to hear from you!  

I have no interest in running for office myself. Should I still apply to be a facilitator?

Yes! Our goal is to deliver a program in cities across the nation that invite service alumni to reflect deeply on their own sense of calling. Facilitators play a key role in making this happen by holding a space in which this reflection can happen. While we hope all participants have at least a small interest in running, our primary hope for facilitators is that they enjoy, and are skilled in, facilitating group dialogue. 

Is this a paid position?

No; this is a volunteer position. Apart from our covering all costs associated with the Boston training, there is no additional payment. It is the chance to contribute your gifts to a growing movement for change during a challenging moment for our nation.

What’s in it for me?

Here are some testimonials from individuals who have served as ATC Facilitators in the past:

"As a three-time facilitator for Answering the Call, I absolutely love the experience of helping service alumni reflect on their call to public office. My participants never cease to amaze me in their commitment to their communities, to their families, and to each other. In just a few short weeks, the bond we build is meaningful and important as we set off into the world with big dreams and exciting but difficult journeys ahead.  If you are even considering facilitating this program, it is likely that you are already deeply involved in your community, and it may be hard to consider how to fit this in amongst your other activities and interests. I promise it will be worth it. Not only because you will feel like you have helped others along their journeys, but because meeting your participants will inspire you, and restore some much needed hope for what our political system could look like. Finally, learning how to create a space for a group to reflect in a deep and meaningful way is a skill you will take with you forever." - Samantha Joseph

"Participating as a facilitator reinvigorated my belief that it is servant leaders who will lead the way to stronger governance for our country. What should not have been surprising was the uniquely inspiring collection of people who decided to join this group - the type of fun, informed, and dedicated people you would want to see in leadership. I have a refreshed sense of dedication to my AmeriCorps oath. Facilitating this group has also given me the opportunity to reflect on my own life and where it has and hasn't stayed true to my AmeriCorps oath." - Maya Gutierrez

I have more questions! Who do I ask?

Contact Max Klau, our Chief Program Officer, at max@newpoliticacademy.org with any other questions.