Foundations: Participant Registration

Foundations is our online follow up program for anyone who emerges from ATC feeling called to run for elected office. Foundations invites participants to go deeper into some of the reflection work begun in ATC; this is a chance to craft your values, mission, shadow mission, and public narrative, and get individual feedback and coaching to develop and refine that inner work. It's also a chance to organize your network data, so that you know who is in your network and how to reach them whenever you are ready to launch a campaign. We call this program Foundations because we know that the work we do here is essential for arriving at the starting line of a political campaign as ready and prepared as it is possible to be. Whether you plan to run next month, next year, or next decade, this work is essential and will retain its value years into the future.

The program involves five evening sessions occurring in June and July; please check back soon for our next Foundations dates and times.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to Max Klau at with questions. If you'd like to register, do so below. Call in information and curriculum will be forthcoming.

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