We're building a movement to revitalize our democracy.

We ask military veterans and national service alumni to consider politics as a way to continue serving the country.

We believe servant leaders are some of our nation's best problem solvers and change makers, and we need their leadership more than ever.  

When you serve, you learn how to work together with people from different backgrounds, lead diverse teams, and solve tough problems. You learn what it means to lead with courage, integrity, and empathy  — and how to put country first. We don't believe that’s too much to expect from our political leaders. By encouraging these servant leaders to serve through politics, we believe we can transform our politics and our nation.

Are you ready to answer the call?

We need servant leaders to answer the call more than ever. They’ve proven in their past profession that they’re willing to step up and serve when times got tough. Well, now times are tough and we need people to step up once again and serve.
— Congressman Mike Gallagher (R-WI-08)

There’s a feeling that you get when you’re serving for others. It’s a sense of motivation, a fire lights up inside of you. And if we provide more opportunities like that for all service veterans, then that fire is going to reignite when we’re moving policies. It’s going to reignite when we’re trying to allocate funds and budgets for different programs or communities. We can bring those perspectives, and bring the perspectives of our community, forward; because when we’re serving, it’s not about us as all, it’s all about the community we serve.
— Bria Price, AmeriCorps Alum, ATC Fall 2017