hometown liaisons

Our New Politics Hometown Liaisons are a community of New Politics champions who want to further the service to politics movement by bringing New Politics alumni together in their hometowns for a continuous conversation after alumni graduate from New Politics programming.

become a hometown liaison if you are:

  • An alumnus or former facilitator of any New Politics Leadership Academy programs

  • Comfortable with organizing and engaging a diverse group of people

  • Experienced in facilitating and igniting conversation

  • Interested in growing your local New Politics community and have about 10 hours per year to volunteer with us!

the role/our ask

Organize four hometown events per year - we ask you to host two structured post- ATC reflection events, and ask for your creativity to host the other two: happy hours, service days, your call! The goal is to help NPLA have a constant presence with local alumni.

Attend the 5th Session of ATC each spring/fall to welcome new alumni to the local NPLA family - we want to make alumni feel welcome right as they graduate their programs. Please help us in sending them a congratulatory email!

Grow and maintain the local alumni community - as you navigate the community day to day, please keep in mind opportunities the NPLA community may be interested in. Whether it’s running a service day together, or volunteering as a group at the local food pantry, we hope you will help us foster genuine and authentic relationships amongst local NPLA alumni

Be in constant communication with Shaquanda and the NPLA team - you are our eyes and ears on the ground! We look forward to hearing about how we can be most supportive.

Our Commitment to Your Success

We are here to support you! We will send you complete lists and contact information of alumni in your area, introduce you to your local facilitator, and introduce you to the greater Hometown Liaison community so you can share best practices. You will also have a New Politics email address, and we will reimburse up to $200/year for events, gas, and any printed materials. And, as always, we are available any time to help however we can.

Interested? Fill out the form below!

If you have any questions please reach out to Shaquanda at shaquanda@newpoliticsacademy.org

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