Dear Applicant:

Thank you for your interest in serving as an Ambassador for Answering the Call, a leadership development experience designed to help public service alumni explore their interest in seeking political office!

Ambassadors are critical to making this experience powerful for participants. For this role, it is not required that you have a personal interest in seeking public office. Rather, we are looking for individuals who are outgoing, natural organizers to build this movement with us. Our ideal ambassador will know how to: recruit servant leaders, run info sessions and events, and spread the word about Answering the Call.

As an ambassador, you will be expected to do the following: 

  • Five month commitment (Dec 2017- May 2018)
  • Participate in an initial 90-min virtual orientation session with NPA HQ
  • Dedicate the time necessary to mobilizing the local servant leader network until at least 15 servant leaders are enrolled in ATC
  • Run one informational session in-person
  • Run one informational session via conference call 
  • Plan a local post-ATC graduation happy hour
  • Participate in monthly one-hour meeting with local team
  • Recruit a replacement for the next six month campaign (if necessary)

For questions please email: Shaquanda Brown at

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