As a part of the NPLA alumni community, you join hundreds of service alumni committed to bettering our democracy. We are proud of the individual accomplishments of our alumni (some have run for public office, staffed campaigns, or helped knock on doors), we are especially heartened by the ways in which our alumni connect after ATC and other programming to support each other and an NPLA community.

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We have four goals for alumni engagement:

  1. Creating a sense of community and inspiration for alumni

  2. Sharing information to ensure alumni are kept up-to-date on NPLA developments, and NPLA has visibility into where alumni are in their journey

  3. Supporting NPLA in thinking critically about how to best serve our servant leader alumni and other members of our movement/community

  4. Building network connections within our community to support the political, personal, and professionals goals of ATC alumni

We believe this community can be a powerful force in changing our country, which is why we have started to build as many ways as possible for alumni to stay connected to each other as well as NPLA. Alumni are invited to facilitate an ATC cohort, join our alumni committee, attend another NPLA program such as foundations or our staffing academy, attend our annual conference, and sharing a testimonial about their experience.  

If you are an ATC alumni login. If you would like to become an alum; join Answering the Call!

The level of integrity and thoughtfulness and reflection that people bring to the conversation was at the highest level that I’ve experienced. I’ve experienced around the world a lot of settings where people are doing deep reflection and being thoughtful. It was really wonderful.
— Nika Elguardo, ATC Alum, MA 15th House of Representative