Alumni Community

NPLA’s alumni community contains hundreds of service alumni committed to bettering our democracy. We’re proud of their individual accomplishments, from running for public office, starting campaigns, to knocking on doors, and we are heartened by the way in which they authentically connect with each other in and outside of our programming.  

This community is a powerful force in changing our country, which is why we have created this space for alumni to feel connected with their community by: facilitating an ATC cohort, joining our alumni committee, sharing their story, attending another NPLA program, or taking part in our annual conference.

If you are an NPLA alumni login. If you would like to become an alum; join a NPLA program!


We strive to provide our alumni with the following:

  1. An inspirational community

  2. Information to ensure alumni are kept up-to-date on NPLA developments, and we keep up to date with their accomplishments

  3. The space to support NPLA by thinking critically about how to best serve our servant leader alumni and other members of our movement/community

  4. Networking opportunity within our community to support the political, personal, and professionals goals of ATC alumni 

Not only are you surrounded by people who share the same kind of values when it comes to bringing service leaders into politics but I know that I could rely on them to deliver and make promises and follow through. And I think that is something that was common across everybody that was in my group.
— Lisa Hunter, ATC Fall 2017 Alum