COlonel rob L. gordon III (ret.)

Colonel Rob L. Gordon III (ret.) has spent his life in service to our country, bridging gaps as a cross-sector leader and working to uplift the voice of servant leaders. He served for 26 years in the U.S. Army and has dedicated much of his post-military career to furthering national service. He served in the Pentagon during the Obama Administration and is currently the Chief Global Officer at Connected Living.

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councilwoman rysheema dixon

Councilwoman Rysheema Dixon is deeply steeped in the tradition of service, and her passion for service has led her to become a rising political leader in Delaware. An AmeriCorps alum, she completed two terms with Public Allies Delaware, and in 2017, she continued her service to the community when she was elected to the Wilmington City Council.

If I could grab a meal with anyone, it would be Michelle Obama. I love her spirit and demeanor, she is someone I have great admiration for and would love her advice on local politics.

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Sarah lonGwell

Sarah Longwell is one of the foremost Republican strategists in the country, and is known for standing up for her mission and values. She is currently a Senior Vice President at Berman and Company, a communications firm that works to “change the debate”. Longwell’s political expertise has led her to appear frequently as a guest on major media outlets.

If I could grab a meal with anyone, it would be Christopher Hitchens.

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mario fedelin

Mario Fedelin has spent his life deeply engaged in the national service community through a variety of organizations. He served at City Year for over a decade, where he developed and designed civic leadership programs for youth and supported high-need schools. Recently, Mario joined the Service Year Alumni Council to help promote national service and a gap year agenda. Mario is engaged in developing effective community programming for many non-profit and service organizations.

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We are thrilled to be partnering with these wonderful organizations for our first annual Service to Politics event thus far. Thank you for all that you do! Check back frequently as we welcome more partners!

We're thrilled to have rising youth leaders join us this year at the conference to learn about servant leadership in politics.