Answering the Call: Session Feedback Form

Dear ATC Participant,

Thank you for participating in ATC! Your honest and thoughtful feedback here is an invaluable contribution in our efforts to learn from and improve this program for future participants. The survey should take 2-3 minutes to complete; thank you again for sharing your thoughts!

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Facilitation Feedback
Please provide feedback on the quality of the facilitation you experienced at this session. To support you in providing helpful feedback, here are a few skills we look for in our facilitators: Being well prepared for each session Posing open ended questions to the group Debriefing the process of reflection Modeling vulnerability to participants Allowing for periods of silence Keeping the spark question focused on the presenter Holding the space effectively Please let us know what you think the facilitator did well at this session and how they might improve in the future.
How would you rate the overall quality of facilitation at this session? *
General Session Feedback
Please provide feedback on the quality of the session. This can include: content of the workbook exercises, spark question session, logistics or any other aspect of the experience you want us to know about.