Tabitha May-Tolub

ATC City: Boston, MA

Tabitha is a proud Maine native and a veteran in the field of leadership development. She holds degrees in Psychology and Education from Clark University, as well as graduate education from the University of Massachusetts Boston. Tabitha is the Co-Founder and CEO of Roots & Wings Training and Consultation. The launch of Roots & Wings brings together her 20 plus years of experience with leadership and identity development in an innovative way, empowering all types of youth and adults to strengthen their character and identity, connect with others through deeper communication and effect change in their community. Tabitha has provided training and consultation in public schools, community-based programs, and non-profit organizations for youth of all ages, parents, teachers, and mentors from all over the country. She has received extensive professional and experiential training in the areas of communication, mentorship, diversity engagement, peer mediation, leadership development, facilitation, civil discourse, anti-bias and primary prevention education. When she is not supporting others in their work, she is at home raising two young leaders of her own and working on her own communication skills.