** the application for our Fall Answering the Call opens september 5th.  Please sign up for our emails to receive a reminder as the date approaches**

Answering the Call: Participant Application

Dear Applicant:

Thank you for your interest in participating in Answering the Call, a leadership development experience designed to help service alumni* explore their interest in potentially seeking political office.

A commitment to run for office is not a prerequisite for participation. Rather, we are seeking people who want to reflect on their personal aspirations to become more politically engaged in some form. Public service might include not only running directly for office, but also managing campaigns or working for public officials.

If you are a service alumni interested in learning more about how to continue serving through elected office, please take a few minutes to fill out the below application and tell us about yourself.

For questions please email: max@newpoliticsacademy.org

*Veterans of military service and alumni of Peace Corps, AmeriCorps, and other long-term, full-time programs lasting at least 10 months

What program location are you applying for? *
Please be sure you can make the first session, and at least 2 of the 3 other sessions. All times in local time per that city (Boston is EST, Los Angeles is PST, etc.). Please find full dates and locations here: www.newpoliticsacademy.org/atc-logistics
Name *
Ethnicity, Origin, or Race
Service Experience
What is the nature of your service experience?
Political Experience
How would you best describe your level of political engagement?
How would you describe your interest, to date, in running for office?
Personal Interest
Applicant Statement of Understanding
The deadline for applying to the program is midnight on Friday, March 23rd. Applications will be dealt with on a rolling basis, and I can expect to hear back within a week of submitting my application. I understand that upon acceptance, I will need to pay the $50 enrollment fee (or request and be granted a waiver) in order to be officially enrolled in the program. I understand that because this is a small group learning experience, my involvement and participation plays a significant role in the learning of the entire group. I agree that if accepted, I will make a good faith effort to make attendance at these sessions a priority in my schedule.
Participant Agreement