We're building a movement to fix our politics and transform our democracy.

We believe that service members are some of our nation's best problem solvers, "dreamers," and change makers, and we need their leadership more than ever.  

By encouraging servant leaders to start careers in politics, we believe we can fix our political systems and our nation. Courage, integrity, and empathy  — and putting our country first  — aren't too much to expect from our political leaders.  



featured journeys

Pat Davis

Answering the Call Winter 2017
New York City, N.Y. Cohort
U.S. Army

Monique Rodriguez

Answering the Call Spring 2017
New York, N.Y. Cohort
U.S. Army

Aaron Scheinberg

Answering the Call Winter 2016
Virtual Cohort
U.S. Army

Nikki Foster

Answering the Call Summer 2017
Virtual Cohort
U.S. Air Force

ATC is a top notch program run by a team of dedicated professionals who understand what it means to serve, and the results are incalculably valuable — whether you chose to run for office or not.
— Pat Davis, ATC Winter 2017