Thank you for your interest in applying to New Politics Leadership Academy! We offer programs for people who have thought about or wish to serve again through politics. Applications for our Answering the Call & Campaign Academy programs are now closed.

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Answering the Call (ATC): ATC is a five session leadership development program that meets either in-person or virtually. ATC invites military veterans and national service alumni, to reflect on the values that compelled them to serve in the first place, and explore if they feel called to serve through politics. This is an opportunity for service leaders to undertake a deeply personal journey and reflect on who they are as leaders and if they feel called to political service, now or in the future. Feel free to visit our FAQ page.

New Politics Campaign Academy: New Politics Campaign Academy is a weekend intensive training that builds a pipeline of A-level campaign staff with the knowledge, skills, and networks required to thrive on the campaign trail. We believe that the best staffers have communities of peers and mentors they can learn from, lean on, and share best practices with. We provide a comprehensive approach to leadership development combined with our own campaign-informed training pedagogy.

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Thank you for your service!

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