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Whether you are a Facilitator or an Ambassador, we would love your help building this community. Below are some resources we have created to help with the recruitment process. Simply copy and paste any draft language below!


Served our country & want to fix our politics? #AnswerTheCall w/ me & @NewPoliticsAcad this Fall! Applications now open! Learn more:

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Are you a military veteran or national service alum who feels called to served through politics? Join me and @NewPoliticsAcademy as they launch Fall's Answering the Call campaign! We're recruiting servant leaders for cohorts in 20 cities and online. Learn more here:!



I hope you are well. I am a FACILITATOR/AMBASSADOR for a wonderful organization called New Politics Leadership Academy (NPA) and I wanted to quickly share what we are up to. NPA is a nonpartisan non-profit dedicated to recruiting and supporting servant leaders to serve through politics. Through leadership development experiences, educational programming, and networking events, we're building a new political leadership pipeline for Americans who have served our communities and country before and who feel called to continue their service by jumping into the political arena.

NPA's main program, Answering the Call, is a leadership development experience  that invites service alumni to explore whether they feel personally called to serve through politics. It is not a traditional training designed to teach participants technical skills like how to plan a campaign or manage volunteers. It is also not a motivational seminar, in which participants will encounter speakers or content designed to convince them to run for office. This is an opportunity for participants to undertake a personal journey to reflect on whether they feel called to political service.

As a FACILITATOR/AMBASSADOR here in CITY, I'm reaching out because NPA's 2018 Fall ATC session just opened. We are looking for servant leaders who have, at one time or another, thought about running for office, and I believe you would be a great fit. I hope you consider applying [or] I would love your help thinking of folks you know who may be interested in applying. You can learn more about ATC here.

Let me know if you have any questions -- I would be happy to chat more about Answering the Call and New Politics Leadership Academy at any time.

All my best,



Please feel free to download (right click + "Save Image As") the poster below and post around your community.

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