Answering the Call (ATC) facilitators are individuals who are skilled and experienced in the work of creating spaces that promote meaningful dialogue and reflection. ATC is a five-session leadership development program that invites military veterans and national service alumni reflect on the values that compelled them to serve in the first place, and explore if they now feel called to serve their community through politics.

ATC facilitators undergo a selection and training process that ensures they understand the ATC goals and can implement a high-quality program for all participants. Our ATC facilitators understand the call to serve, and are gifted in the art of guiding servant leaders to discern within themselves their own sources of truth, direction, and mission. Every ATC city must have a skilled facilitator who is committed to running the five-session program. Facilitators are required to*:

  1. First-time facilitators must attend a 1.5 day all-expenses-paid training in Boston on October 5th and 6th.

  2. Secure a venue for the program with dates and times that work with their schedule

    • The first session is three hours and mandatory for all participants to attend

    • The following four sessions are 90 minutes long

  3. Deliver a high-quality experience to ATC participants.

*please note this is a volunteer position

My participants never cease to amaze me in their commitment to their communities, to their families, and to each other. In just a few short weeks, the bond we build is meaningful and important as we set off into the world with big dreams and exciting but difficult journeys ahead. I promise it will be worth it. Not only because you will feel like you have helped others along their journeys, but because meeting your participants will inspire you, and restore some much needed hope for what our political system could look like.
— Samantha Joseph, New Politics Facilitator

Our Facilitators