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Have you served our country before? Have you ever found yourself wondering — with any degree of seriousness — if you feel called to pursue political office as part of your service journey? If you can answer “yes” to both of those questions, this program is for you! 

Answering the Call (ATC) is a five-session learning program open to alumni of service programs.

For one night a week for five weeks, participants come together with fellow servant leaders for small group learning and discussion. Sessions are led by facilitators who were interviewed, selected and trained. The first session is three hours long, the next four sessions are 90 minutes long each. This is NOT a technical skills training nor a motivational seminar.

“Programs like Answering the Call are important because they connect you with like-minded people from different walks of life. It opens your perspective and expands your understanding of issues in your community”
— Pete, ATC Summer 2017, US Marine Corps


ATC is a short program, so all participants MUST attend the first session to participate in the program. Participants who miss ONE of the following sessions will still be considered graduates of the program. There is no pre-work prior to the first session; participants are expected to complete reflection exercises in between each session that will require between 15 and 45 minutes to complete. 


There is a $50 fee for our program. It is a small but meaningful financial commitment to engaging in this process. We hope this fee is not so large that it prohibits anyone from participating, but large enough to represent skin in the game. We do waive the fee for those with a financial hardship, so please reach out to Shaquanda Brown ( if you would like to explore a fee waiver.

Please note: If you are an alumnus of a service program who is already 100% certain that you plan to run for office, this program may not be for you. We encourage you to reach out to us directly to explore how we might support your leadership development.