monique rodriguez, candidate for Deer park ISD school board trustee

ATC Alumni: Spring 2017, Houston Cohort

Service: U.S. Army

“Be the change you wish to see in the world” a quote that I have used as I move through life in deciding my career choices, committees I participate in, and leadership roles I hold. It has always been about aligning my skill set, perspective, and knowledge with the personal desire for change.

After the Presidential election, I was motivated to create the change that I wished to see in the world. I felt that injecting myself into public office was a natural next step in my commitment to service. I was invited participate in New Politics’ Answering the Call in Houston, TX. I eagerly signed up to meet like minded individuals interested in getting involved in elected office from my area. 

Attending the program provided me the foundation in identifying and verbalizing my values.  It provided the clarity of understanding my sense of duty to become more politically engaged.

While we all hold values near and dear to our heart, we rarely are provided the safe space to hone in on those ideas to process them verbally with others. The program allowed our cohort to bond and understand each other as well most importantly, understand ourselves. 

Months later, I now embark on the my next step of having announced my candidacy for Deer Park ISD School Board Trustee, a suburb of Houston, focusing on diversifying and bringing a fresh perspective to the school board in my community. I am excited as I campaign to earn the trust of the community to represent them as a school board trustee.

I am thankful for the time I spent with the cohort of Answering The Call. I stay connected with them and they continue to play an active role in supporting my campaign.

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