Nikki foster

ATC Alumni: Summer 2017 Virtual

Service: U.S. Air Force

I enrolled in Answering the Call because my friend and fellow US Air Force Academy graduate, Mark Fogel, told me about the program and his shared dreams to pursue public office. For me, it has been a lifelong dream since Middle School to become a public servant. I attended the US Air Force Academy and became a pilot to gain the leadership experience I needed to embody and understand true servant leadership. Talking with Mark about ATCrelit the passion I have for wanting to pursue my dream.  Being an active duty Air Force officer for 12 years had put my dreams on a temporary hold.  I have since transitioned to a civil-reservist life with new freedoms. 

Max Klau led the virtual class I attended this summer. Max was a thoughtful and inspiring teacher and facilitator for our group. As we all began to examine the flame model and understood what drives us and why we may want to continue our servant leadership from our previous careers into publicly elected office. The energy of my peers from all branches of the military, the Peace Corp, and Ameri Corp, reignited my interests in engaging in public service. I found that public service really is a calling that no one should take lightly. There are many aspects of your life and your personal goals that need examining and having this trusted group allowed me to share my interests and really commit to following through. 

The alumni from this group continue to motivate me through our Facebook page and the pilot Foundations course led by Max Klau that I attended Fall 2017. 

This journey has led me to be asked to run for the Ohio State legislature as a representative or a senator in 2018; my husband and I are seriously considering my candidacy. I owe this personal growth to the New Politics Academy. Thank you, Max!

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