Pat Davis

ATC Alumni: Winter 2017, New York City Cohort

Service: U.S. Army

Race: Ran for County Executive seat in Orange County, NY in Nov. 2017.

Increasingly discouraged by the growing divides in our society and the apparent lack of servant leaders in our political system who are willing to put people over party, I enrolled in ATC to explore how I could return to service and restore trust in our democracy’s ability to agree upon and solve the unique challenges of our times.

ATC helped me establish the foundation upon which my first political campaign and my entry into public life could be built. I can’t overstate the importance of having this foundation solidly in place before stepping foot into a campaign setting in today’s environment; it gave me a fighting chance in what we all knew was going to be a very challenging, but worthwhile, endeavor.

The program gave me the clarity of purpose and vision I needed to answer the call to serve when it came. It also prepared me to run a campaign based on values and service that was a source of hope for many people in my community at a time when they needed it the most. Although I was not elected, I will continue working towards accomplishing the personal leadership mission I defined under Max Klau’s skilled tutelage- “to fight the system from within to create an equal, ethical, and humane democratic society for our children and future generations”.

ATC is a top notch program run by a team of dedicated professionals who understand what it means to serve, and the results are incalculably valuable- whether you chose to run for office or not. To me, participating in the program will always be a highlight in what was ultimately a life-changing journey. I am proud to have started with ATC, and doubly proud to be part of the movement they are building that is improving our politics one servant leader at a time."

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